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toronto_8Milap is an effort to bring together the South Asian community.It’s a unique and one of a kind magazine that offers something for everyone in the family.

World Affairs – Read about the current world affairs and how they are effecting and reshaping the geo-political landscape of South Asia. Read about what the South Asian leaders are up to and who is visiting who.

Business – South Asian markets are emerging markets of world. Read about business success stories, from rags to rich, featuring North American business personnel of South Asian descendants. As we bring in spot light those individuals whose success stories can be a motivation for us all. Stay in touch with the latest stock news from South Asian stock markets.

Entertainment – Stay in the loop with the latest gossip from Bollywood. Who is dating who, who is taking about who? Reviews on top three best movies picks of the month. Feature articles on Bollywood superstars. You don’t want to miss what’s happening!!!

Cooking – Learn how to cook it’s never too late if you follow our step by step recipes from different parts of South Asian cuisines. Share some of your favorite’s recipes with our readers.

Fun Stuff – Send us your pics, birthday wishes, your poems and we will publish them.

Now what more can one ask for in a magazine that provides so much information, knowledge, entertainment and fun! Subscribe for your free copy now. If you have any comments, suggestions please write us at info@milapmedia.com